1. The following rules apply to all normal users of our TeamSpeak 3 server. When you enter the server, it is accepted.

2. All users have to be treated with respect, especially when communicating with team members.

3. Channel hopping (i.e. quickly switching between multiple channels) is prohibited.

4. Annoyances of any kind (sound bots, trolling, voice distortion, inappropriate volume, annoying background noise, ...) are prohibited.

5. All types of advertising are prohibited unless this has been previously agreed with a team member.

6. Racist, insulting, annoying and sexist statements of any kind are strictly prohibited.

7. The channel admin has full authority over what happens in his channel. This simply must not violate any other rule.

8. The use of VPNs and proxies is prohibited.

9. Begging a rank is prohibited.

10. Personal data such as addresses, cell phone numbers and passwords must be strictly protected and must never be distributed via the TS3 server.

11. The instructions of a team member must be followed.

12. The server team does not have to justify itself to a user in any way.

13. The server team takes the liberty to adjust the server rules at any time and without reason.

Administrators are excluded from the set of rules

Have fun on our TeamSpeak Server! Your OpusLounge.EU Team


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